Why DocuBank?

What is DocuBank?

DocuBank is a secure document cloud solution, where you can know your documents are as safe as if you had deposited them in a bank strongroom.

After you subscribe to our service, we create your own database, which only you and the persons you provide with user rights can access. No one can get at your DocuBank account and documents, not even employees of the service operator.

Because the documents are stored in encrypted form, these can only and exclusively be accessed and downloaded by users of the account, so we have no means or possibility of sharing your documents with a third party. (We also treat our clients’ other data in the strictest confidence, we only pass them on to a third party with a court order.)

DocuBank is not only a storage solution, but there is also a comprehensive document management service in the cloud. For detailed information on our various service packs, please take a tour on our website. Study all the options offered by the various packages and select the DocuBank solution package that best satisfies your needs!

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DocuBank as a comprehensive document management solution

The DocuBank document cloud is not merely a document storage option, but also a comprehensive yet easy-to use cloud-based document management solution, which covers the whole lifecycle of the handling of documents.

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High level cloud service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The DocuBank cloud service provides every subscriber with the maximum standard of service.

You can access your DocuBank account 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The security of our operation is guaranteed by the RAID 6 architecture employed and the redundant server environment. Our servers are in operation in the largest data centre in Hungary, with the highest level of service guaranteed.

Share your questions and problems arising while using the service with us via the DocuBank Help Desk interface. Any error messages you send in will be processed within 24 hours.

Under the How To Use menu on our website there are many resources available, which will help you to get to know how our service operates, various use cases, and you can browse the question-answer section.

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High level cloud service 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Secure online document management with end-to-end-encryption

Secure access: Users can log in to your DocuBank account with a unique user ID and password. We also provide two-factor authentication supported by OTP hardware and mobile tokens in order to increase access security.

Secure communication: All data communication is made on secure channels with HTTPS connection, which guarantees encrypted communication and secure identification.

Secure storage: Documents uploaded to the DocuBank document cloud are stored with AES 256 bit encryption in the database associated with your account.

Secure operation: The operational security of our service is guaranteed by the RAID 6 architecture employed and the redundant server environment.

DocuBank offers you and/or your company an individual database.

Only your documents and their data have a place in the database associated with your own DocuBank account. The documents are stored in encrypted form in the database. In the spirit of zero knowledge policy, only you and the users of your account can access the database.

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Comprehensive usage option – Industry independent solution

Our DocuBank service offers everyone an appropriate solution, from the needs of a single user sole proprietor, via work groups, all the way to small and medium-sized enterprise customers with multiple users.

Thanks to the configuration of the solution, the service may be used to full effect by any field of business.

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Our service also stays in step with your company development

With an increase in your requirements, you can change from any of our service packages to a higher package at any time. Besides expanding the functions and available storage space, in our highest package you can also increase the number of users and documents at will.

The package upgrade and the increase in user or document numbers come into effect immediately after the order is placed.

Use our service in an environment of up to 50 users for the storage of up to 100 000 documents.

Later on, you can also order OTP hardware tokens for new users to guarantee secure login.

If you order OTP hardware tokens in bulk, then ask for customised token production! (When you order more than 20 TOTP hardware tokens, we provide token customisation free of charge!)

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You can retrieve documents stored in DocuBank at any time

Documents uploaded to the cloud can be downloaded again at any time, or they can be sent out by e-mail - even as bulk sending.

Should you unsubscribe from the service, we grant you a file system-based download of all the uploaded documents and related metadata.

We guarantee the security of your documents throughout, from their first upload till their removal.

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