What do I do if I forget my admin user password?

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The first time you log in, please make sure to change the password associated with your admin user, which you received when you purchased your DocuBank subscription, and then store the given password in a secure place.

It is recommended to provide another user with administrator access in addition to the basic admin user, so if necessary there is a backup user who can login and set a new password.

If you have lost your password, and have no way of logging into your account, please contact us by e-mail on the following address: helpdesk@docubank.ch.

Please take note that we can only initialise and send you the admin password for your account once again if you verify that the account belongs to you or your company in the following ways:

In case of an account purchased for private use:

In case of an account purchased for company use:

Intensified control ensures the security of your data! It is of first priority that unauthorised persons cannot access your data.

We will send you your new password within 24 hours of receiving the requested data!

Latest update: 29/03/2017

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