How to use document templates

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There is an option to generate attachments and downloadable files to your documents by using templates and meta data. This option is available on the Document datasheet by clicking on More/Generate document using a template button. In the pop-up window select the template on which you would like to generate your document. To download the document click on the Generate document using a template for download button. If you would like to attach the generated file to the current version of the document, choose the Generate document using a template to current version.

How can I upload templates to the system?

Screen: Business customisation/Document templates

Using document templates we can generate documents that contain meta data (for example document covers). In order to use this option we need to upload a .docx file that contains bookmarks. We need to do this for each document type in the following manner:

During the creation of the .docx file we need to put placeholders in the areas where the system will fill in data. The right format of the placeholders is: ${placeholder_name}

Placeholders can be anywhere in the document, therefore we can also place them in the table of contents.

The placeholders of default fields of the system are given. If we would like to place them into the document, we can check their right names by clicking the In-build relations button.  We can find all basic fields in the pop-up window, here we need to copy the placeholder’s name from the Placeholder column.

Templates also contain the custom fields which were previously added by you. In case of custom fields placeholders need to be defined by you.

Custom fields and related placeholders that will be used in the document can be added on the Field list. The name of the placeholder is optional. We recommend simple names without diacritical marks.

Default fields with given placeholders do not need to be recorded to the template, only custom fields. Trying the basic templates of the system will help you to learn how to use the template generation function.


Latest update: 29/03/2017

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