Custom fields

in General usage and benefits

DocuBank allows the addition of custom fields. Custom fields can be created by the system administrator any time.

Expandable entities:

All the above entities can be expanded by as many custom fields as required.

Custom fields can be type dependent or general

Example for type dependent custom fields in case of documents:


Creating new custom fields

To create Custom fields, go to Business customization / Field customization screen, switch to Edit Custom field view then follow the instructions below:


Delete custom fields

Deleting custom fields is possible, however it is not suggested to do so. Deleting custom fields erases all the data saved in the custom field on database level, therefore it is not suggested to allow users to delete custom fields.

In case you wish to terminate a custom field we suggest to turn it inactive instead of deleting it. This way the saved data of the field can be reactivated and reviewed. 

Latest update: 29/03/2017

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